Installing Architect Server on Arch Linux

This guide assumes that Arch Linux is already installed on your system. If you haven't installed Arch Linux yet, you can use this script or the official Arch Linux installation guide. For Raspberry Pi, see this guide.
  1. Login or SSH into the Arch Linux machine with username root (the default password is root).
  2. If you have already updated the system, skip to step 5. Otherwise, in the terminal, type pacman -Syu and enter "Y" to confirm updating the operating system (this may take a while).
  3. When the update is done, reboot by typing /sbin/reboot (a reboot is necessary if the kernel was updated).
  4. Wait a minute for the machine to reboot and then login again.
  5. Enter the following into the terminal:
    bash <(curl -s
  6. You will be prompted for your Architect Server account username and password. It will take about 5-10 minutes to install the Architect Server software.
  7. Follow the instructions to setup Architect Server.